The Sopranos

Livia: ...Raymond, Larry. That sneak from manhattan.
Junior: Johnny Sack, Johnny Sack was here?
Livia: With his mohair suits and his shoe lifts.
Junior: Suits? Plural? More than once he was here? Why didn't I know about this?
Livia: Well maybe it was you they were talking about. Who knows. I just don't like being put in the middle of things. I should have known something was strange when suddenly Larry Boy's mother moved in here. Then Jimmy Altieri's mother.
Junior: Three of my capo's have their mothers in this place? . . . This must be some kind of fuckin' end move. What do they think, I'm stupid? We'll see.
Livia: Now wait a minute. I don't like that kind of talk. Now just stop it, it upsets me. I won't tell you anything anymore.
Junior: If this is true, Livia, you know what I... I mean, I'm the boss for Christ sake. If I don't act, blood or no-- I have to.
Livia: Oh, god. What did I say now? I suppose I should have just kept my mouth shut like a mute. Then everybody would have been happy.

The above dialogue is actually from Episode 11, First Season