First Season


Pilot Episode: The Sopranos
Episodes 2-4
Episodes 5-7
Episodes 8-10
Episodes 11-13

Episode 5: College

Meadow: Are you in the mafia?

Tony: You know I put food on the table. My father was in it. My uncle was in it. Maybe I was too lazy to think for myself. I considered myself... A rebel. Maybe being a rebel in my family would have been selling patio furniture on route 22.

Tony: Yeah, why don't you hang out with them? . . . I'll come back for you in an hour and a half. Be good.

Father Phil Intintola: You know what's remarkable? If you take everything Jesus ever said, add it up, it only amounts to only two hours of talk.
Carmela: Nooo. But wait, I heard the same thing about the Beatles. Except it was if you add up all their songs it only comes to ten hours.
Father Intintola: Yes. Of course it wasn't just what Christ said, it was his deeds.

Carmela: Forgive me, father for I have sinned. It's been four weeks since my last confession -- what am I talking about? That's a lie. I haven't truly confessed in 20 years. I have forsaken what is right for what is easy. Allowing what I know is evil in my house. Allowing my children, Oh my god, my sweet children to be part of it. Because I wanted things for them, a better life, good schools. I wanted this house, I wanted money in my hands, money to buy anything I ever wanted. I'm so ashamed. My husband, I think he has committed horrible acts. I think he has... you know all about him Father Phil! And I'm the same. I've said nothing, I've done nothing about it. I got a bad feeling that it's just a matter of time before God compensates me with outrage for my sins.

Father Phil: You must truly repent genuinely and honestly. And in the future, you must renounce all these actions, and then God will absolve you.
Carmela: I don't know, father, I'll try. But I still love him. I still believe he can be a good man.
Father Phjl: Then you help change into a better man and then you will have done good in God's eyes.

Fabian Petrulio: I could have killed you last night. Outside the motel. Your daughter was drunk, remember? I was there in the parking lot. I had a gun, but I didn't do it. Because of her. I told myself it's just a coincidence. He's taking his little girl to college.

Meadow: Your hand is bleeding. Dad, where'd you go? You saw that man, didn't you?
Tony: I cut it on the screen door. What man?
Meadow: The man you said you didn't know.
Tony: What do you think happened?
Meadow: I don't know! You got in a fight?
Tony: You don't know? You're making a big deal out of this and you don't know.
Meadow: You were on the pay phone again last night. At the one o'clock in the morning.
Tony: I was on the pay phone at one in the morning? Excuse me, Miss Cuervo, you can't be trusted to remember what happened last night because you were seeing pink elephants. I warned you not to drink.

Carmela: By the way, your therapist called. Jennifer?
Tony: Carm. I just thought you'd think it was weird if I saw a woman psychiatrist, that's all. Carm, c'mon! It's just therapy, we just talk!

Episode 6: Pax Soprana

Tony: Here we go. I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry.
Carmela: You don't even know what you're apologizing for. It's our anniversary, Tony. Ours. Not yours, mine and Johnny fucking Sack's, ours.

Tony: So I suggested to her, not demanded, suggested, maybe dress a little sexier. But Carmela can be very sensitive.
Dr. Melfi: Maybe she felt it degraded her. Not all women aren't into sexy lingerie.
Tony: I'm not talkin' about dressing like that . . . Some women are sexier when they dress simple. You know, understated. I don't mean, Fuck it, I don't know what I mean. Like you . . . You play it down. It's obvious you have a killer body under there. But don't get me wrong. Not only do you play it down, but you're gentle. Not loud, sweet sounding. Like a mandolin.

Tony: Taught me as much as anybody. Except for maybe my father. Even if he wasn't my uncle, I'd be standing here saying, to our new boss, salute.

Johnny Sack: To junior. Salute.

Episode 7: Down Neck

Dr. Melfi: Why did your father whack the shit out of some guy?
Tony: I never saw him do something like that. I mean, he used to whack us kids around a little bit. . . Yeah, the belt was his favorite child development tool. This was different, though. You can tell he knew what he was doing.
Dr. Melfi: How did you feel about your father after that?

Livia: They sent you to a psychiatrist? . . . But that's crazy, that's all nonsense. That's nothing but a racket for the Jews.
Anthony : Dad goes.

Tony: Just thinking about my uncle. Used to throw the ball with me.
Dr. Melfi: The one with whom you have all this static?
Tony: Yeah, uncle 'jun. He was always practicing his curveball outside in front of the house.

Tony: My heart was broken.
Dr. Melfi: You felt your father was was showing favoritism.
Tony: I still remember that feeling in the pit of my stomach.
Dr. Melfi: Did you confront them?
Tony: Have you been listening to what I've been saying? Kids don't confront in my family.

Livia: That didn't take long. You must be in good with the uppity-ups.

Johnny Soprano: After Rocco gets the book up, he's gonna open a new supper club, he wants me to run it.
Livia: A supper club? Are you drunk?
Johnny:: Oh! Pela- marona- Jesus Christ oh mighty! Fucking albacore around my neck. Every time i try to do something, me and the kids will go without you.
Livia: They are not going anywhere! I'd rather smother them with a pillow than take them to Nevada.